Septic Tank Repair Guide

Septic Tank Repair Guide

Many people think of septic systems as a thing of the past. Since the advent of public sewer systems, they have become less common in areas such as developments. However, did you know that one in five American homes in rural areas has a septic tank?

A properly maintained septic system can last up to forty years. The keywords here are properly maintained. However, sometimes, no matter how well a system is maintained, accidents can occur that require a septic tank repair. Let’s look at what some of those septic repairs may be and what they could cost.


The average septic repair cost can run anywhere from $750 to $3000 or more. Of course, this can vary depending on what the exact issue is. Multiple factors can go into your final price so let’s break those down by cause.

Septic Tank Lid

Septic tank lids are an easy fix. It’s rare to replace a lid as they are built to last, but sometimes outside factors can damage your lid.
Average cost: $150 to $500.

Septic Tank Lateral Lines

A broken septic lateral line is a more time-consuming and costly repair. It requires extensive digging and analysis of how much line needs to be replaced. The repair cost also depends upon the size of the pipe. Helpful hint: Do not park heavy machinery or vehicles over your drain field to help prevent this.
Average cost:  $1000 to $5,000.

Septic Tank Baffle

The septic tank baffle helps direct wastewater through your septic tank.
Average cost:  $50 to $250

Septic Tank Distribution Box

The septic tank distribution box controls wastewater distribution, sometimes referred to as the D-box. If damaged, you could experience overflow in your leach field.
Average cost: $1000 and $1,500

Leach Field Replacement

Your leach field, also called a drain field, is the most expensive part of your septic system to repair or, if bad enough, replace. The size will play a role in what your final cost will be.
Average cost: up to $20,000

How Do I Know if My Septic System Needs Repair?

The best way to prevent issues with your septic system is through routine maintenance from a trusted septic contractor. We recommend having your septic tank pumped about every 2 years to avoid costly clogs and backups. Even with the best preventive maintenance, however, emergencies do occur. Here are some common indicators your septic system needs repair.

  • A septic smell coming from your yard
  • Standing water in your yard near your septic system
  • Abnormal gurgling sounds whenever you flush a toilet
  • Slow drains in your sinks and showers
  • Bright green vegetation in your yard near your septic tank

If you can identify any of these issues above, a licensed contractor to help. J McDonald Contracting Inc. has the experience and know-how to get your septic system performing at its peak. Contact us today!